Medical Providers for Work-Related Injuries

Maine Workers’ Compensation Law entitles employers to select health care providers to service injured/ill employees within the first ten days of treatment. Bates College has selected two local, hospital-affiliated providers for this purpose, Occupational Health and Rehabilitation (OH&R) at59 East Avenue, Lewiston, or 777-8816; and Work Medat 77 Bates Street, Suite 10 Lewiston,or 753-3080. The College requires that all employees needing medical care for work-related injuries or illnesses to be evaluated by one of these providers.

Both organizations have expertise in the prevention, treatment, and management of work-related injuries and illnesses. Both are full service providers and are convenient to the College. Visits and appointments with these medical care providers for work related injury/illness should be made during normal business hours. For emergencies, call the Security and Campus Safety office at x-6111 or pick up a security phone, Security will respond appropriately, to include dispatching ambulance services, if needed.

Source: Section 510, Bates College Employee Handbook.

For questions regarding the Medical Providers for Work-Related Injuries, please contact:
Director of Environmental, Health & Safety (x8226), or
Environmental, Health & Safety Specialist (x6413)