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  • 1. Shorter is better.
    2. No spaces or special characters, all lowercase.
    3. Can have – or _ (but an underscore won't show well on the web.)
    The list address will be
    4. will no longer work.
  • Once a list exists, the moderator/owner is allowed the following options for operating an existing e-mail list:
    • A list must have an moderator/owner.
    • It is the responsibility of the moderator/owner to manage the list.
    • They will approve subscriptions and unsubscriptions for a closed list, and approve any BOUNCED messages to the list.
    • When a message is bounced to a list, a message is sent to the SENDER of the message, explaining why it was bounced. A message is also sent to the list moderator/owner to see if the message should be approved to be sent to the list.

    NOTE: Official course lists and other official Banner-populated lists will not have BOUNCE messages sent to the moderator/owner for approval. If a SENDER receives notification that a message has not been delivered to a course list, they must contact Help Desk Services to get assistance in sending their message another way.

    The moderator/owner has the password for the list. To perform the moderator/owner's functions, the moderator/owner will visit a webpage. Users who request a list will be moderators/owners by default and must attend a 15 minute demonstration on moderating/owning a list. A change in moderators/owners requires the permission in email of the previous moderator/owner or the president of the organization using the list.

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