Lyceum support

For immediate assistance with a Lyceum course, contact Help Desk Services at x8222.

For deeper support and development assistance, there is a Lyceum support person for each department and program:

African American Studies Ron Fazio x8230 rfazio
American Cultural Studies Ron Fazio x8230 rfazio
Anthropology Michael Hanrahan x6386 mhanraha
Art And Visual Culture Ron Fazio x8230 rfazio
Asian Studies Ron Fazio x8230 rfazio
Biological Chemistry Matt Duvall x6945 mduvall
Biology Matt Duvall x6945 mduvall
Chemistry Matt Duvall x6945 mduvall
Classical And Medieval Studies Ron Fazio x8230 rfazio
Economics Michael Hanrahan x6386 mhanraha
Education Michael Hanrahan x6386 mhanraha
English Ron Fazio x8230 rfazio
Environmental Studies Matt Duvall x6945 mduvall
Geology Matt Duvall x6945 mduvall
GREALL Ron Fazio x8230 rfazio
History Michael Hanrahan x6386 mhanraha
Mathematics Matt Duvall x6945 mduvall
Music Chris Schiff x6274 cschiff
Neuroscience Michael Hanrahan x6386 mhanraha
Philosophy And Religion Ron Fazio x8230 rfazio
Physical Education Ron Fazio x8230 rfazio
Physics And Astronomy Matt Duvall x6945 mduvall
Political Science Michael Hanrahan x6386 mhanraha
Psychology Michael Hanrahan x6386 mhanraha
RLL Ron Fazio x8230 rfazio
Sociology Michael Hanrahan x6386 mhanraha
Theater And Rhetoric Ron Fazio x8230 rfazio
Women And Gender Studies Ron Fazio x8230 rfazio

For telephone access from off-campus:

  • Mathieu Duvall: 753-6945
  • Ron Fazio: 786-8230
  • Michael Hanrahan: 786-6386
  • Chris Schiff: 786-6274

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