Download and Import Bates Certificate Authority Thunderbird E-mail

A. Open Firefox and go to the Public-Key Cryptography page

  1. Right click the link Certificate Authority (CA) and select Save Link As
  2. When prompted save the certificate file (bates_ca_cert.pem.cer) to your Desktop

B. To install the certificate, return to Thunderbird.

  1. From the Tools menu, select Account Settings
  2. Account Settings dialog box
  3. Select Security
  4. Click View Certificates

C. Select the Authorities tab from the Certificate Manager dialog box

  1. Click Import
  2. Locate and select the file bates_ca_cert.pem.cer from your Desktop
  3. Click Open, The Downloading Certificate dialog box displays.
  4. Downloading Certificate dialog box
  5. Click to check:
    1. Trust this CA to identify web sites check box
    2. Trust this CA to identify email users check box
    3. Trust this CA to identify software developers check box

Click OK to finish downloading

Click OK to close the Certificate Manager dialog box

Click OK to close Account Settings dialog box

NOTE: Certificates expire after one year. You must request a new one each year. It is possible to have both the old and the new one in the interim; and messages may require you choose which one to use.