Installing Software from Denmark Server

Denmark is a file server on the Bates Network from which Bates licensed software can be installed.

Not all software found on Denmark can be used by everyone. Some applications are specific for classes or special projects.

To comply with many of our software licenses, all licensed software is Keyed. In order to use a keyed application, KeyAccess needs to be installed on your computer. If the computer is not connected to the Bates Network, all Keyed applications will not run. If there are special circumstances that require a keyed application to be used outside of Bates, please contact the Help Desk at x8222.

A. To Access Denmark:

1. Windows:
Make sure you are connected to the Bates network.

  1. Click on the Start menu and click Run.. (Windows XP) or in the Search Programs and Files field (WIndows 7) type:


    and press Enter.

  2. If it prompts for a username and password, type in your Bates username and network password.
  3. Double click on the Software folder. Double click on either the Macintosh or Windows folder to find the software you need.

2. Macintosh:

  1. From the Finder select the Go menu and select: Connect to Server…
  2. In the Server Address field type (case sensitive):


  3. Type in your Bates username and network password.
  4. A window listing available software should open.