Paris: Network File Storage Advantages and Tips

All students, faculty and staff have space available to store personal files on the network server named Paris. Storing files on your own computer, and then storing a copy on Paris will ensure file availability. Paris advantages:

  • Accessible from all networked machines on campus (icon on desktop of windows lab machines)
  • Files are backed up by ILS each night (no more lost documents)
  • Provides storage space for academic files (not for applications or materials protected by copyright)
  • Files can be moved without the use of SFTP  – except from off campus, see installation  and configuration instructions for WinSCP SFTP for Windows and Fetch SFTP for Macintosh


SEE: Paris Network File Storage Macintosh Access and Windows Access

There are other files visible when you open your paris folder that should not be deleted from your account. These files start with dot (ex. .ssh). Accidently deleting these files will result in the inability to login to programs such as Putty and others needed for web page development, for example. Contact Help Desk Services if you need to have these files restored.


Even though a file is on Paris, a Mac file is still a Mac file, and a Windows file is still a Windows file.

Many files can be opened on either platform if they are saved correctly, however. Macintosh machines tend to open Windows files more easily than Windows machines open Macintosh files. Windows machines must have a three/four letter file extension on the end of the file name to identify files. An example would be filename.doc which would be a Microsoft Word document. Common extensions are:

Mircrosoft Excel .xls, .xlsx
Graphic Interchange Format .gif
Mircrosoft PowerPoint .ppt, .pptx
Joint Photographic Experts Group .jpg
Mircrosoft Word .doc, .docx
Portable Document Format .pdf

When all else fails, and you know what type of file you are trying to open, open the appropriate application and then:
From the File menu, choose Open, then select your file from the Open file dialog box.
(sometimes you have to select Files of Type: all files to see all of the possible files, if the extension is incorrect for Windows machines)


Network storage on Paris is for academic files only. Do NOT back up applications to Paris.

Each user account has a quota that limits the size of their directory. This quota insures that no user can monopolize the space available for file storage on the system. Paris space is for academic use. Increases to the quota for academic purposes can be obtained by emailing with the desired amount indicated.

To see what your quota, login to abacus (using Putty or Terminal) and run the quota command. See also: How to check your paris quota


Network storage of files protected by copyright is not allowed. The copyright owners are very active in pursuing and suing violators of copyright laws. This includes music and video files obtained from peer-to-peer file sharing applications.