Paris: Network File Storage Windows Access

(For Windows Vista, please consult:  Windows Vista/7: Connecting to Netapp).

You must be logged onto the Bates Network (CCAA login for personal computers) to access Paris.

A. Connecting to Paris:

  1. From the Start menu, Select Run…
  2. Type in parisusername
  3. Click OK and you should now see your Paris folder.

B. Accessing files:

  1. Double-click on folders to see files within
  2. To work on files, drag them to the local desktop
  3. Double-click on the local copy to open it for editing
  4. Remember to save frequently while you are editing
  5. When you are finished with the file, drag the local copy back to the Paris window , and overwrite the existing copy

C. Using Paris to allow public access to files (images, etc.):

  1. Follow the steps on the Web Directory Setup help sheet in order to prepare your public_html directory with proper permissions.
  2. Be sure to drag and drop or save your files to the public_html directory in Paris so that will show the item(s) in a browser.

If on a public computer always remember to log off when done.

Please be sure to examine the Paris Network Storage Advantages and Tips page.