Print Release System

In our continuing efforts to reduce waste and improve the user experience, Information and Library services has implemented a print release system for some of our network printers on campus.

Some of the many benefits of the Print Release System are:

  • Reduce waste.
  • Print jobs are ready when you are.
  • Improve privacy and security.
  • Reduce cost of paper and printer supplies.
  • Pickup jobs from any printer (Ladd Library)

Print Release Stations are available at the following printers:

Ladd-Printers- 3 Printers in Ladd Library

Ladd-Printers-Color – 1 Printer in Ladd Library

A. How to Print to a Print Release Station:

1. Windows – Adding a Network Printer to Windows

2. Macintosh – Setting up the Macintosh client

3. Kiosks – Instructions are posted on the Kiosk monitors.

B. How to Use a Print Release Station