Sponsored Password Change Process

For users who have forgotten their password, or whose password has expired, the College provides the ability to change the password using the Sponsored Password Change Process. For most users the Sponsored Password Change Process can be initiated from either on or off campus.


A user who is on campus and has forgotten their password should come to Help Desk Services, located in the George and Helen Ladd Library, and presenting a valid form of ID. (Bates ID card, Driver’s License, Passport, State ID Card, or Military ID Card). A member of the Help Desk Services professional staff will assist them with logging into Password Manager and setting up a new Network Password.


A user who is off campus and has forgotten their password will need to contact Help Desk Services at (207) 786-8222 between the hours of 8:00am – 5:00pm EST, Monday – Friday. A professional staff member will need to verify their identity and will then assist them with setting up a new Network Password. We will need to have a valid alternate email address or mobile phone with text capability on file in order to complete the password change process.

If traditional phone service is unavailable, Help Desk Services can also assist with changing passwords over Skype. If this is an option, please email helpdesk@bates.edu with your name, Skype name and a time that we can contact you.

If no phone or Internet service is readily available, we will need the user to fill out a Sponsored Password Change Form, and either fax (207) 753-6939, scan or submit via camera picture the completed form and a photo of a valid ID.