Adding a Network Printer to a Macintosh OS 10.4x

See the Print Release System page, and stop by Help Desk Services for assistance with the necessary software to use this service.

Separate instructions are published for Macintosh OS 10.5x [leopard].

A. To remove a printer:

  1. Click the Apple icon
  2. Select System Preferences
  3. In the System Preferences window, click on the Print & Fax icon. The Print & Fax window will display
  4. Highlight the printer you wish to remove
  5. Click the - button to remove a printer to the printer list  and the entry will disappear

B. To add a network printer:

  1. Click the Apple icon
  2. Select System preferences
  3. Open Printers and Faxes icon
  4. Click + [Add] button to add a printer
  5. While holding down the Option key,  press  the “More Printers…” button
  6. Click the drop down menu at the top and select Advanced
  7. Click the Device drop down menu and select “Windows Printer via SAMBA”
  8. In the Device Name field, type in the name of the printer,  Ex. Pgill 126
  9. Consult the list of Academic/Public printers on Canton server or Administrative printers on Lincoln server for correct names
  10. In the Device URL field type:
    smb://macprint:del1sh@bcis/<name of server>/<name of printer>
    Example: smb://macprint:del1sh@bcis/canton/Pgill-126-A    NOTE:BE SURE TO TYPE: del1 (“de” letter “l” then number “1″) before sh@bcisA. Click the Printer Model drop down menu and select the manufacturer of the printer. Consult the list of common campus network printers models (not all inclusive) for this information.
    B.  Select the Model of the printer from the list Ex. HP Laserjet 4000 series
    C. Click the Add button
  11. The printer should now appear in the printer list.
  12. Select the printer and
  13. Click the Printer Setup button
  14. Click the drop down menu at the top of the window and select “Installable Options”
  15. Select the options that come with this printer
  16. Click the Apply changes button (if you make any)
  17. Close the Printer Info window

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