Common Campus Network Printer Models

Listed below are some of the publicly accessible network printers with their make and model information.  ILS changes printer models in certain locations as repairs or upgrades require. If possible, it is best to plan ahead and visit the printer to gather necessary information to add it to your printer choices successfully.

All of the printers listed here are located on the canton server:

  1. Carneg-109-Stu = HP laserjet 4100
  2. Dana-208-A = HP laserjet 4050
  3. Hathor-208-A = HP laserjet 4250
  4. Ladd-First-A and B = Kyocera 9530DN (with tray 3 and duplexing)
  5. Ladd-First-C = HP laserjet color CP 6015
  6. Ladd-148-A = HP laserjet 4250
  7. Pgill-329-A = HP laserjet 9050