Protecting Your Computer

A. Administrative password:

  1. Put a secure administrative password on own computer (Some viruses are now set to guess passwords and login to your computer. They guess admin, passwd, Rover, Fluffy, manager, iloveyou…)

B. Firewall:

  1. Windows XP has a firewall that can be turned on to keep others from using your computer when it is on the Net.
  2. You might also consider a hardware firewall.

C. Spyware:

  1. This is probably the most common cause of computer slow-down. If you install filesharing software or even AIM software, spyware can be installed on your computer and cause problems.
  2. Run free software to fix spyware, like

D. Viruses:

  1. The importance of installing anti-virus software and keeping it up-to-date cannot be stressed enough. Bates provides free virus protection software:
    [SOPHOS for Windows][SOPHOS for Mac OS X]
  2. Virus software companies send out updates constantly. Have your virus checking software set to automatically update the virus definitions.
  3. Your virus checking program will not work properly if the configuration is not set correctly. Have it set to check all files, check zip files, to warn you and quarantine corrupted files.
  4. Viruses don’t just travel via email anymore. There are security updates for your computer that can help, but viruses can still find their way onto your computer.
  5. New computers often come with a trial version of virus protection but you often have to purchase a subscription to keep the virus definitions up-to-date.

E. Security Updates:

  1. Keep your Windows computer up-to-date by visiting:
  2. Have Windows updates download and install automatically: