Sophos Anti-Virus Installation for Macintosh

These instructions guide you through the process of downloading and installing Sophos Anti-Virus for Macintosh on your personally-owned computer (college-owned computers already have Sophos installed). Be aware you must also first uninstall existing anti-virus programs.

A. Uninstall existing anti-virus programs.

If you have a different anti-virus program or if you’re unsure if you have a previously installed anti-virus program, contact Help Desk Services at or (207)786-8222.

B. Run the Sophos installer.

  1. Click this link, and login with Bates username and password,
  2. After login at the download page, a “.zip” file starts downloading immediately.
  3. After the download is done, find the  “.zip” file/
  4. Double-click it to unzip the files.
  5. Double-click the installer it contains.
  6. Click Continue at the Install Sophos Anti-Virus window.
  7. Click Continue when prompted at the Read Me window.
  8. Accept the default installation volume at the Select Destination Prompt and click Continue.
  9. Click Install when prompted.
  10. Enter your OS X administrator’s password to authenticate the installation and click OK.

C. Update Sophos

  1. Click the Sophos shield icon on your menu bar, pull down to and click Update Now.
  2. The Sophos AutoUpdate Status window will confirm when the update has been completed.

D. Run Sophos

  1. Click the Sophos shield icon on your menu bar, pull down to and click Open Sophos Anti-Virus.
  2. Click the green arrow to run an immediate scan to check your computer for viruses.

For a copy of the Sophos user manual please see