Printing to Paw-Print (Windows)

These instructions are to help setup the Paw-Print printers on a Windows computer. The locations of Paw-Print printers can be found here.

Remove old Printers

  1. Click the Start button and go to Devices and Printers (Windows 7).
  2. Delete the printers “Ladd-Printers on Peru“, “Ladd-Printers-Color on Peru“.

Connecting to Peru (only available when on campus)

  1. Click the Start button and in the Search field (Windows Vista/7/8), type:
    \\peru (and press Enter)
  2. (Students Only) At the login window, type:
    Username: bcis\<your Bates username>
    Password: <your Bates network password>
    Check the box labeled “Remember My Credentials”
    Click Ok.
  3. Double click on the Paw-Print and Paw-Print-Color print queues (or any other printer you wish to print to). When the queue window opens your computer is setup to print.