Printing to Peru

These instructions focus on printers in Ladd which have been moved to Peru. For a full list of printers now on Peru, please refer to the Peru Network Printers chart. If you need help printing to any of these printers, please visit or contact Help Desk Services.


  1. Download the installer by going to
  2. Login with your Bates username and password.
  3. Open the downloaded file Bates_Public_Printers_Peru.dmg and follow the on screen directions.
    - This installer will remove the following printers (CANTON-Ladd-Printers, CANTON-Ladd-Printers-Color, CANTON-Rogerw-105-A, Equitrac_Ladd_First_A, Equitrac_Ladd_First_B, Equitrac_Ladd_First_C) and automatically set up Ladd-Printers, Ladd-Printers-Color and Roger Williams 105.


Remove old Printers

  1. Click the Start button and go to Printers and Faxes (Windows XP) or Devices and Printers (Windows Vista/7).
  2. Delete the printers “Ladd-Printers on canton“, “Ladd-Printers-Color on canton“.

Connecting to Peru (only available when on campus)

  1. Click the Start button and select Run (Windows XP) or in the Search field (Windows Vista/7+), type:
  2. (Students Only) At the login window, type:
    Username: bcis\<your Bates username>
    Password: <your Bates network password>
    Check the box labeled “Remember My Credentials”
    Click Ok.
  3. Double click on the Ladd-Printers and Ladd-Printers-Color print queues (or any other printer you wish to print to). When the queue window opens your computer is setup to print.

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