Setting Up Your Bates iOS Device for Google Services

In order for your Bates iOS device to be integrated with our Google services, we will need to get your device registered under the Bates Profile Manager. Here are the steps to register and configure your device. If you have more than 1 Bates iOS device, (iPhone and iPad) you will need to do these steps on each device.

1. Plug your Bates iOS device into your computer. (Personal iOS devices will follow different instructions.) Open iTunes and in the left hand column under Devices, click twice on your iOS device name to rename it.


1. From the home screen on your Bates iOS device (personal iOS devices will follow different instructions) tap on Settings > General > About > Name.

2. Rename your iOS device in the following format.
<phone number>_iPhone
ex. 2075771234_iPhone

iPad – The A# is found on the back of the iPad on the blue “Property of Bates College” sticker.
ex. A20121_iPad

3. On your iOS device, open the Safari web browser and go to…

4. Login with your Bates username and password.

5. Click the Enroll button.

6. You will be prompted to Install the Device Enrollment profile. Click the Install button. If you get the Unverified Profile prompt, click “Install Now“.

7. Enter your device passcode. (This is the code you use to unlock your device)

8. At the Warning screen, click the Install button in the upper right corner.

9. Click Done.

10. New profiles for Google apps will be pushed down to your iDevice. You will be prompted to enter the password for the Exchange account “Exchange”. Type in your Bates network password.

11. On your iOS Device, go into Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Exchange > Account with your email address and under Description, rename it from “Exchange” to “Bates Gmail“.

12. Tap Done.

13. On your iOS Device, there should be a new icon labeled “Google Sync“. Find this icon and tap on it. Tap on the option which says “Sign in with your Google Account“.

14. You will be taken to a Google login page. If you are signed in to another Gmail account, you will need to sign out first. Enter your full Bates email address in the address field. DO NOT type in your network password. Click the Sign In button.

15. At the Bates Federated Authentication Service page, type in your Bates Username, Password and click Login.

16. At the Google Sync device list, tap on each of your iOS devices, check the box labeled “Enable Delete Email As Trash” for this device and then tap the Save button. At the bottom of this page, click the Sign Out link.
This makes is so when you delete a message from your iOS device it is also deleted from Gmail. The Google Sync icon will be important when you start using Google Calendar. Please leave this icon on your iOS device.

17. Now please verify that you are receiving email messages for the “Bates Gmail” account in the Mail app.

For questions or problems with these steps please contact Help Desk Services.