Google Groups – Members

Here is a list of common questions and resources for Google Groups. To access Google Groups, login to your email via Along the top, click on the Groups category.

  • How to email a Google Group.
    • Method 1 – In your web browser, go to your group and click New Topic. Add a subject and the body of your message.
      Note: You will receive a copy of the message in your inbox.
    • Method 2 – Email <listname>
      Note: you will not receive a copy of your message in your inbox.
  • Who else is on my list?
    • From the My groups list, click on a group. In the upper right corner, click the Members button.
      Note: This feature may be disabled by your list owner.
  • Attachments – Attachments follow the same rules as Gmail. The maximum message size including attachments is 25MB.
    Note: This feature may be changed by your list owner.
  • Message Retention – Messages are archived in the Google Group. Please be aware that all members can go back and review prior posts.
    Note: This may be disabled by your list owner.