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Adding a Secure Master Password in Thunderbird E-mail

Storing passwords in any application, particularly with regard to internet access needs…

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Changing Your E-mail Password on the iPhone

A. On your iPhone: 1. Tap on Settings 2. Tap on┬áMail, Contacts,…

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Identity Theft and Internet Security Resources

A. Identity Theft: Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Clearinghouse Phone: (877) IDTHEFT…

Introduction To Securing E-mail with Digital Certificates

Digital certificates can be used to digitally sign and encrypt e-mails. When…

Password Change Process

Notification will be sent via e-mail to each Bates community member with…


Password FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions about passwords


Everything you need to know about the care and feeding of passwords…

Protecting Your Computer

A. Administrative password: Put a secure administrative password on own computer (Some…

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Protecting Your E-mail

A. Disposable e-mail account: Set up a personal e-mail account with a…

Protecting Your Information

A. At the office: Never give your Bates password to anyone. It…


Protecting Yourself On The Internet

A. Cookies: Cookies are little pieces of information that web sites store…

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Public-Key Cryptography

General information about Certificates.

Requesting Your S/MIME Certificate

Open Firefox NOTE: If you have already configured a master password in…


Sponsored Password Change Process

Methods for getting a new Network Password.