Lincoln Print Queue Upgrade – May 14th, 5am – 7am

On Wednesday, May 14th from 5 am – 7 am, Information and Library Services will be performing an upgrade to the Lincoln print server. In most cases this will not affect your ability to print.

The following print queues will be changing their name. Users who print to these printers will need to delete the old printer and add the new one.

Lane-25-B to Lane-1-A
Chaseha-B16-B to Chaseha-140-A
Newcb-117A-A to Common-117A-A
Newcb-117-B to Common-117-B
Newcb-165-A to Common-165-A
Newcb-167-B to Common-167-B
Newcb-175-A to Common-175-A
Newcb-178-A to Common-178-A

For instructions on how to remove and add printers, please see the following directions.

If you have problems or need help with printing after the upgrade is complete, please contact Help Desk Services at 786-8222 or