Upcoming Changes in Voice Mail and Campus Online Directory


Here’s a pre-announcement of changes you can expect to see later this summer to Bates voice mail and the online campus directory. The changes are occasioned by the need to replace the technology that runs our voice mail with a much more modern version. As we do this, a team of people from ILS, the Dean of Student’s Office, the Dean of Faculty’s office, Human Resources and Security and Campus Safety have made recommendations for changes that we think will greatly improve voice communication systems on campus.

The new voice mail system will be released in the latter part of July. It includes:

  • Technology to allow faculty and staff members to receive and manage voice mail from computing devices as well as their phones.
  • A voice-activated telephone directory for access to employees’ office phone numbers.
  • Technology to allow the students who need to use campus phones as their primary phone to also have voice mail messages sent to their email.

We will have orientation and training on the new system later in the summer, and to make the initial training easier, we are specifying the keypad commands on the new system (e.g. 3 or D for Delete) to be the same as our current voice mail system.

Accompanying this change will be a change in the online directory, including putting the student directory behind a login so that it is accessible only to students, faculty and staff.

This is just a pre-announcement so you know that this project is in the works. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me, as we will be working out the details of these projects in the coming weeks