Wireless Changes and Instructions

Greetings Bates Community,

Today, Information and Library Services is pleased to announce the rollout of the new “Bates” and “Bates Visitor” wireless networks.
•    The “Bates” wireless network will allow faculty, staff and students to easily and securely connect to the Bates network.
•    The “Bates Visitor” wireless network will allow guests of the College to easily connect their devices to the Internet.

The “BatesSecure” wireless network will remain available until July 31, 2013 to assist with the transition to the “Bates” network.

As of today, the “BatesGuest” wireless network has been discontinued and replaced with “Bates Visitor”. Guests of the College who are here during the transition will need to reconnect their devices to the new “Bates Visitor” network.

As a Bates faculty, staff, or student, all of your personal and Bates owned devices should be connecting to the “Bates” wireless network.

How to Connect:

•    Click on the wireless network icon in the lower right of the screen. If it is not visible, you may have to click the expand icon to see it. (Windows XP)
•    Click on View Available Wireless Networks.
•    Select the network named “Bates”.
•    When prompted for the network security key, type: Bobcat1855 and click OK.

•    Click on the wireless signal strength icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
•    Select the “Bates” wireless network.
•    When prompted, enter the following security key: Bobcat1855 and click Join.

iOS (personal iPad & iPhone) Bates owned iOS devices will automatically be switched to the new “Bates” wireless network.
•    Tap on the Settings app.
•    Tap on the Wi-Fi settings and tap on the “Bates” wireless network.
•    When prompted for a password enter: Bobcat1855 and tap Join.

Other Wireless Devices
•    Connect to “Bates” like you would for any other wireless network.
•    If asked, the Security type is WPA2 Personal (PSK).
•    The password needed to connect is: Bobcat1855

If you have any questions or problems with connecting, please contact Help Desk Services at 786-8222.