Traveling abroad with college-owned computers

The college is subject to federal regulations related to export control.  Certain countries may be subject to embargo, and the federal government may prohibit taking electronics, data or software to these countries.

The list of countries and types of transactions where sanctions apply is available at Countries currently subject to embargo are Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. Additional countries may be subject to export control rules governing certain types of technical data or non-public information on controlled technologies.

To protect data on college-owned devices, or to comply with software or hardware restrictions when you travel, the college may be able to provide you with a temporary laptop or mobile device or prepare your assigned laptop or mobile device so that U.S. export restrictions are respected.

Faculty members traveling to foreign countries and taking college-owned computers or equipment must complete the Travel Disclosure Form on the Dean of Faculty’s website. If you are thinking of traveling to one of the areas where sanctions apply, or for more information, see the information on export control on the Dean of Faculty’s website.