Event Support for Faculty & Staff

In order to guarantee equipment or staffing at an event, we require notice of the event 6 business days in advance.

As an example, a request for weekend events must be received by 4:30 P.M. on the previous Friday in order to insure CTES support.

Though we will try to accommodate all requests, those that are received in less than that time period cannot be assured support due to limited or unavailable equipment and staffing. To best determine your needs and therefore how we can best serve you we will ask many questions about the event. Some of these questions may seem unnecessary; however, our experience tells us it is the only way to ensure a smooth event. CTES will determine from our conversation with you which resources best support the event.

Some types of services we provide for events are:

  • Audio re-enforcement for speeches and performances
  • Laptops and projectors for computer presentations
  • Training in how to use the technical systems in various campus spaces

When guests from outside the campus are invited, it is important to know what equipment they may be providing. Please be aware that if a speaker intends on using any equipment from outside the college, we cannot guarantee that the equipment will interface with our equipment. Therefore it is highly recommended that the person test their presentation with our equipment well in advance of the event and have a contingency plan. Someone in our department will remind you of this when you schedule an event, and we can send you a copy of our document, “Recommendations for Outside Speakers“.

The CTES professional staff will arrange for all recording requests; this may require that the recording of some events be outsourced. Requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event. This lead time is needed to schedule outside vendors, if necessary. Faculty and staff should continue to request taping services directly through the CTES office. CTES will determine if outsourcing is appropriate and make all necessary arrangements.