Remote Conferencing Options at Bates

Telephone Conference Skype Conference Video Conference
Locations Can be done in a room with an analog telephone line. Several meeting rooms have built in phone systems. Can be done in any room with a computer. Pre planning is necessary to help with network issues. Can only be done in PGILL G13.
Reliability Extremely reliable. Likely to work, but is susceptible to bandwidth issues outside the control of Bates College. Very likely to work with preplanning and testing on both sides of the call.
Pre-Requisites Person on other side of call needs a telephone. Person on other side of call needs a computer, high speed internet connection and a web cam. Person on other side of call needs a dedicated Video Conference system.
Pros ‐Highly Reliable‐ Good Quality Audio ‐ Readily Available‐ No pre‐planning or testing necessary. ‐ Readily Available‐ Cross Platform‐ Good quality video‐ Easily portable ‐ High quality video and audio‐ Reliable format

‐ Dedicated room on campus.

‐ Camera can zoom and pan.

Cons ‐ Not able to see the other person‐ Most phone connections on campus are digital and can not accept a conference phone.

‐ Most classrooms do not have phone connections.

‐ Internet problems can cause the conference to fail.‐ Bates can not guarantee that network problems will not occur.‐ Some pre‐planning and testing necessary.‐ Webcam good for 3‐4 people on one side. Can not zoom and pan.‐ Allowed on network, but susceptible to network congestion. ‐ Need high end VC equipment on both sides, typically only available in business settings.‐ Very expensive to rent equipment if not available on other side

‐ Some susceptibility to Internet traffic.

‐ Some pre‐planning and testing necessary.

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