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Backup Bates Google Data using Takeout

Google Takeout allows you to backup your entire Bates Gmail account. This…

Email, How Do I?

E-mail Lists Frequently Asked Questions

There are many MAILING LISTS on campus that serve different parts of the…

Email, Network

E-mail Managing Trash and Junk Folders

As part of the ongoing efforts to accomodate the increased usage of…


E-mail: Creating Folders

Organizing incoming email into folders (and/or subfolders) is an easy way to…

Email, Network

Gmail Setup in Mac Mail

Bates Gmail setup for Mac Mail.


Gmail Setup in Thunderbird

Configure Thunderbird for Bates Gmail.


How do I forward messages to another account?

To set up forwarding in Gmail, 1. Click on the gear wheel…

Email, How Do I?

Import Thunderbird Contacts into Google Contacts

These instructions walk through the process of exporting a Thunderbird Address Book…


iOS Setup for Bates Google (Basic)

Basic email setup for iOS devices and Bates Gmail.


iOS Setup for Bates Google (Full)

How to get full Google integration on your iOS device.


Migrating Mail from Bates Gmail to a Personal Gmail Account

Please note that ALL messages will be transferred from your Bates account…


Moving Local Folders into Bates Gmail

Moving local


Moving Messages to a Gmail Account from Thunderbird E-mail

This is a method to downloading and saving e-mail from Bates Gmail….

Email, Network

Protecting Your E-mail

A. Disposable e-mail account: Set up a personal e-mail account with a…

Email, Secure

Public Kiosks Available

Scattered throughout the buildings of the Bates College campus are kiosk Windows computers….

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Remove – Thunderbird

These instructions will help you remove from your Mac or Windows…


Remove – iOS

These instructions will help you remove from iOS Device. (iPhone, iPad,…


Sync Mac Address Book with Google Contacts

These steps will synchronize your OS X Address Book with Bates Google…