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Locking a Macintosh Screen

When you step away from your Macintosh, it is advisable to have…


Macintosh: Changing Keychain Login to New Network Password

Annual network password change can necessitate changing your keychain login password in…

Network, Software

Protecting Your Computer

A. Administrative password: Put a secure administrative password on own computer (Some…


Protecting Your Information

A. At the office: Never give your Bates password to anyone. It…


Protecting Yourself On The Internet

A. Cookies: Cookies are little pieces of information that web sites store…

Network, Secure

Requesting Your S/MIME Certificate

Open Firefox NOTE: If you have already configured a master password in…

Secure, Software

Updating Anti-Virus Programs

Bradford Persistent Agent grants temporary internet access to allow updating of Sophos…

Network, Viruses/Malware

Windows XP/Vista: Turning on Automatic Updates

To join the Bates Wireless Network you need to turn on your…

Network, Software