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Adding a Secure Master Password in Thunderbird E-mail

Storing passwords in any application, particularly with regard to internet access needs…

Email, Secure

Adding LDAP Bates Directory in Thunderbird

LDAP, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, is an Internet protocol that email and…

Email, Software

Bates Email Setup for Thunderbird

Make sure that your Thunderbird is up to date before you begin…


Benefits of a Shared E-mail Folder vs. a Dept. E-mail List

Departments or groups needing everyone involved to be able to view and/or respond to…

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Configuring Thunderbird To Use Your New S/MIME Certificate

Your certificate is installed in Thunderbird. You need to map the certificate…

Email, Software

Creating and Attaching a Signature File [Thunderbird]

A. On a Windows computer, open Notepad Compose the information you want…

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Download and Import Bates Certificate Authority Thunderbird E-mail

A. Open Firefox and go to the Public-Key Cryptography page Right click…

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E-mail Managing Trash and Junk Folders

As part of the ongoing efforts to accomodate the increased usage of…


General Information & Links for Thunderbird E-mail

Thunderbird is one of the supported e-mail programs at Bates College. Thunderbird…

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Gmail Setup in Thunderbird

Configure Thunderbird for Bates Gmail.


Import Thunderbird Contacts into Google Contacts

These instructions walk through the process of exporting a Thunderbird Address Book…


Installing Your S/MIME Certificate into Thunderbird

From this point on the instructions will assume that you have applied…

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Moving Local Folders into Bates Gmail

Moving local


Moving Messages to a Gmail Account from Thunderbird E-mail

This is a method to downloading and saving e-mail from Bates Gmail….

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Public Kiosks Available

Scattered throughout the buildings of the Bates College campus are kiosk Windows computers….

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Remove – Thunderbird

These instructions will help you remove from your Mac or Windows…