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2014 – 2015
Preliminary Planning Steps
  • Define the work
  • Open sessions for faculty, staff, and students
  • Information and input needs
Four Teams Formed
Framing and Information Gathering
  • Identify key questions
  • Begin information sharing and discussion
  • Draft “Values and Strengths”
2015 – 2016
Discussions and Deliberations
  • Answer questions and refine work
  • Perform analysis, identify issues and themes, propose recommendations
  • Host open sessions for faculty, staff, and students
Recommendations and Action Steps
  • Prioritize recommendations and submit to steering committee
Preliminary Report to Board and to Community
  • Receive comments and modify as appropriate
  • Prepare final report
Final Report to Board and Community
2016 and Beyond
Implementation and Assessment
  • Set priorities for implementation
  • Identify owners for implementation
  • Build campaign around stated priorities