Student Coordinator Info

IM Sport Coordinators. Students are hired to coordinate all aspects of the IM League or IM Activity.

General responsibilities include:

1)     Be present at every day/night of the IM league/activity.
2)     Set up equipment each day/night of the IM league/activity.
3)     Check courts/fields, etc. for safe environment before play begins.
4)     Assign officials to all games, supervise the officiating, and record all hours for each official. The IM Sport Coordinator MAY officiate games. Some IM sports do not use officials.
5)     Submit payslips for all officials and Sport Coordinators.
6)     Record all game results, keep league standings, and report the information to IM Director, Marsha Graef and the Sports Editor at The Bates Student.
7)     Enforce IM rules, captain/team responsibilities and school policies.
8)     Handle problems and assign penalties in consultation with the IM Director.
9)     Handle any injuries and submit report of injuries to IM Director.
10)     Have a good understanding of the rules of the sport and a willingness to enforce the rules and policies of intramurals.
11)   Put equipment away following the final game of the day/night.

IM Sport Coordinators are hired for the following events:

Fall Semester

Outdoor Soccer
3 on 3 Basketball

FYL Volleyball

Winter Semester

5 on 5 Basketball
Ice Hockey
Indoor Soccer
FYL Indoor Soccer

Short Term

Slow Pitch Softball
4 on 4 Flag Football

Click Here to submit an application to be a Sport Coordinator for a league or activity.

IM Officials. Students are hired to officiate some IM Leagues and Activities.

General Responsibilities:

1)     Know your officiating schedule, be on time to officiate and dress appropriately to officiate.
2)     Understand the rules of the IM league/activity.
3)     Enforce the rules of the IM league/activity and the policies of intramurals and Bates College.
4)     Record your hours of officiating with the IM Sport Coordinator and sign your payslip.
5)     Communicate clearly with team captains if problems arise. If necessary, include the IM Sport Coordinator in any penalties assessed to individuals or teams. Report problems and results to IM Director.

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FYL Coordinator. Students interested in coordinating the First-Year League should submit an application to become coordinator. FYL Coordinator.


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