Exporting Catalog Records

This function allows you to send records from the catalog and manipulate them electronically, including exporting records as a text file and importing into RefWorks.

Exporting records from the catalog involves four steps.

  1. Mark records.
  2. Save marked records.
  3. Export saved list.
  4. Clear saved list.

To mark individual records and save them, check the individual boxes, then click on the “Save Marked Records” button.

To save all records retrieved by a search, click the “Save All On Page” button.

The system will put these records in a list.
You may:

  1. Repeat this process to add other records to the list.
  2. Contine the process by choosing “Export Saved List”.
  3. Clear the list by choosing “Clear Saved List”.

Please note: “Export Saved List” and “Clear Saved List” only appear as options once you have marked records and saved them.

To continue the process, choose “Export Saved List”. You may view the list and remove any unwanted records. Choose a format and a destination for the exported records. Choose the Local disk destination to save records as a text file to import into RefWorks.

  • Formats:
    • Full Display–call number, publisher number, author, title,
      imprint, physical description, notes, subject headings, and
      added entries from the catalog’s default display
    • Brief Display–call number, author, title, and imprint
    • MARC–the full catalog record, including codes, fields, and subfields
  • Destinations:
    • E-Mail–Sends the information to the e-mail address you enter
    • Screen–Sends the information to the computer screen
    • Local disk–Sends the information to a local disk (Choose the save
      option in response to the browser’s unknown file type message).

Complete the process by clicking Submit. The system sends a reply to the screen; choose “Clear Saved List” to exit the export function.