Item Status

If an item is on order, the catalog record displays a message such as

1 copy ordered for Bookstacks on 09-10-2012.

To check the status of the order, or to be notified when an item arrives, use the “Request this item” button in the catalog record. Acquisitions staff will contact you.

The status of a processed item appears in a highlighted area of the catalog record that shows the item’s location, call number, and status. Click on the specific status below for more information.

Bookstacks PN4900.R64 A57 AVAILABLE

Available / Billed / Building Use / Clms Retd / Due / In Cataloging / In Transit / Innreach … /
Lost / Lost/Billed / Missing / Missing/Inv / Off Campus / On Holdshelf / Requested / Withdrawn


  • Available
  • Building Use

The item should be on the shelf, ready for use. If you cannot find it, go to Circulation.


  • Due
  • Off Campus
  • On Holdshelf
  • Requested

Someone else is using, or will be using, this item. You may search MaineCat to see if another copy is available for use, or you may ask Circulation to notify you when this copy becomes available for use.


  • In Cataloging

This item is in the library, but not yet on the shelves ready for use. If you wish to use this item, please ask for it at Circulation. Library staff will rush the processing of this item and notify you when it is ready.


  • In Transit
  • Innreach …

This item is being sent to or returned from a MaineCat/NExpress patron. Ask at Circulation for more details.


  • Billed
  • Clms Retd
  • Lost
  • Lost/Billed
  • Missing
  • Missing/Inv
  • Withdrawn

This item is not on the shelf. Please ask Circulation if another copy is on order–you can be notified when the new copy arrives.

Other options:

  1. Search MaineCat and NExpress to see if there is another copy available for use.
  2. Request a copy through Interlibrary Loan.