LibX Browser Plugin: Bates College Edition

Get it now, for your personal computer:

LibX for Firefox (Bates College Edition)

What is it?

A Firefox browser add-on that makes it easier to find books, articles, and other library resources.

Why do I want it?

  1. Search multiple library sites from any page in your browser.[Video demonstration of the toolbar(best viewed with audio)]
  2. Find out if the library has a book you’ve found in Amazon or Google Books.
    [Video demonstration of links to the catalog (best viewed with audio)]
  3. Highlight a citation or other text and submit it directly to Google Scholar or another search engine.                                 
  4. Get additional search links in web pages, such as Wikipedia citation lists.

How do I get it?

From your personal computer, download the Firefox plugin and approve the installation.

Note: the plugin is not currently available on public/lab computers at Bates.

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