60 Class Secretary: Louise Hjelm Davidson, 5823 Rushwood Dr., Dublin, OH 43017

Class President: Dean S. Skelley, 16330 Hidden View, San Antonio, TX 78232-2812

Next Reunion in 2000. Got news? Tap out a note! We hear from Frank Holz, who writes that he “remains a struggling entrepreneur,” having recently failed in a number of ill-timed ventures that cost him dearly. Having learned to program computers “when Bill Gates was still in diapers (if that is possible to imagine),” he meandered around in information technology, scored a few points, but “generally did not leave the world a better place.” In the process though, he lived in some strange places, married well, and had three neat kids. He isn’t complaining, and looks forward with some trepidation to the possibility of encountering old flames and any number of much more successful fellow classmates at Reunion 2000…. Stephen Hotchkiss, far from retiring, has moved to Pocatello, Idaho, and started Citizens Community Bank, which opened its doors in June 1997. Steve and Sally’s daughter Jennifer graduated in 1988 from Georgetown, while son Pete attends Idaho State Univ., daughter Kirsten was married in September 1997, and daughter Kari, with a master’s in general business, works with an Internet-related company.
61 Class Secretary: Gretchen Shorter Davis, 8 Wells Hill Rd., Weston, CT 06883-2624 e-mail:

Class President: Evelyn Yavinsky Biddle, C2 Gardenside, Shelburne, Vt 05482-7320

Next Reunion in 2001. Got news? Tap out a note! Next Reunion in 2001. Got news? Tap out a note to! Sally Benson reports that daughter Lauren ’00 is enjoying Bates…. Jerry and Gretchen Shorter Davis have retired and are enjoying their new condo in Portland (Mainiacs at last!). They enjoy traveling (Costa Rica, most recently), as well as the symphony and some cooking classes…. George Drury recently he traveled (by train, of course) to Alaska, California, and Canada. As a member of the Bates Magazine Advisory Board, he attended the annual campus meeting at Back to Bates in October. “Highlights of the post-Bates part of the trip included a visit with editor of the Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society magazine and a meeting with Rail City Travel in Brattleboro, Vt., with the result that I’m leading their August 1999 rail tour to Germany and Austria.”… Beverly Graffam Ketchumcontinues to work as a special education teacher in Ellsworth. Last summer Gretchen Shorter Davis visited her and they enjoyed a whale watch together. In October, Beverly attended the opening celebration of daughter Laura’s law practice in Portland…. Paul and Freda Shepherd Maier are very busy with many activities, which include enjoying their 10 grandchildren…. Dick ’60 and Joan Mickelson Krausebought a summer home in Maine with a beautiful view of Mount Katahdin. Joan completed a second college-degree program in art in Indiana. She especially enjoyed making tiles and loves being a grandmother. The Krauses have two grandchildren and another on the way…. Marian “Petie” Petersen Hansen has made many trips to the New England area from her home outside Atlanta. She especially enjoys skiing…. Carol Smith traveled to Mexico, where she studied and improved her Spanish. She has also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and has worked on building houses for that group…. Evy Yavinsky Biddle has been doing well in the busy real-estate market. In the fall she attended three shows in the Big Apple. She reports that she survived the infamous 1998 ice storm.
62 Class Secretary: Rachel H. Garcelon, 56 Blueberry Cove Rd., Yarmouth ME 04096-9785, e-mail:

Class President: Arthur W. Ridlon, PO Box 766, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

Next Reunion in 2002. Got news? Tap out a note!
63 Class Secretary: Elizabeth Buker Creighton, 61 Surrey Dr., Meriden, CT 06450-2616

Class President: Richard H. Brown, Governors Landing, 13 Cross Dr., Waterford, CT 06385-2710

Next Reunion in 2003. Got news? Tap out a note!
64 Class Secretary: Elizabeth Dowd Rubino, 59 Crystal Ct., Haverhill, MA 01832

Class President: William A. Young, 255 Seventh St., Auburn, ME 04210- 6626

Next Reunion in 2004. Got news? Tap out a note!
65 Class Secretary: Louise Kennedy Hackett, PO Box 35, Merrimack, NH, 03054-0035

Class President: Joyce E. Mantyla, 306 Munn Lane E, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034- 3029

Next Reunion in 2001. Got news? Tap out a note! Last September Sam Aloisi went to the Holy Cross- Georgetown football game in Washington, D.C., to see son John play for Holy Cross. He is the first junior to serve as co-captain of the Holy Cross team in 21 years and only the fourth ever. Sam stayed with the Bill Youngs. Daughter Kristin and son Sam are both building houses on Nantucket…. Bill Arata‘s sons, Chris and Greg ’96 have moved into the same apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y., where Bill grew up and where the boys were born. “My dad grew up in Bar Harbor, Maine, and ended up in Brooklyn, where I was born; I ended up in Maine and now our sons are ending back in Brooklyn.”…. Vice president with Zurich Financial Services Group, Alan Bemiss divides his time between Boston and NYC offices…. Emily Blowen Brown loves her job as a sign language interpreter in a neighborhood school. “Living in Duluth is fabulous.” She recently met up with Tony DiAngelis and his daughter in an Ely, Minn., store…. Living at Phillips Academy, Cilla Bonney-Smith enjoys her work with adolescents. Two 1998 Bates graduates are teaching fellows there. She and Nat have a retirement home in Vermont. Previous summers they spent in Pakistan and Tanzania…. Jim Fine‘s oldest daughter, Lauren ’93, has joined the family business, now in its 59th year. The company has sponsored events for the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber Cancer Institute and raised $1.5 million dollars during that time…. Living in Israel and sending “warm regards to all our friends,” Linda Glaser Perlmutter has taken early retirement from the Ministry of Communications and is free-lancing in Internet training…. Peter Gomes writes that although he missed our Reunion in 1997, he had a second chance last June, when he returned to receive the Mays award and saw many friends from ’63 and ’64. Then in August he saw lots of Bates people “from all generations” while a guest preacher at Ocean Park, Maine. In June he went to England to promote his new book and to preach at Salisbury, Winchester, and Edinburgh cathedrals. “At Winchester, the Queen, Prince Charles, and a host of the Royal family were present at a wedding in which I gave the address. The groom was the Queen’s godson and a Harvard Parishioner. Year 28 commences at Harvard with the students younger and younger and smarter and smarter. I wonder if anyone ever said that about us!”… Leon Hurwitzlives in Shaker Heights, Ohio…. Retirement is a “permanent vacation” for Mary Ingraham Agostino. She has traveled to Delaware, Arizona, New Hampshire, and Maine, where she saw Peter Gomes in Ocean Park, had mini- reunions with Ray’64 and Linda Leard Parkin, Peter ’66 and Nina Jewell Mendall, Dave ’64, and Louise Kennedy Hackett…. Brenda Kaulback now has her own full-time counsulting business, Harpswell East Associates, begun three years ago with her partner. They do “strategic planning, future searches, team building, training, and report, manual, and grant writing” from offices in the back of their home…. Class secretary Louise Kennedy Hackett still works with families in New Hampshire whose children have developmental disabilities. She continues to make teddy bears and does a couple of shows a year. Dave’64 plans to retire from the hassle of teaching at Merrimack High School; he welcomes suggestions for a different career….Ted Krzynowek writes: “I can’t believe I have been 10 years with the chemical joint venture I helped to form.” He’s having too much fun to retire! He travels to their plant in Scotland as well as to Japan and Europe. Wife Judi (Lanouette ’66), retired, plays golf and goes fly fishing with Ted. DaughterDarcy ’92 has moved to a new job in Boston…. At Rockville (Conn.) High School, Jean-Ellen LeSure still teaches ninth- and 12th- grade English. When she retires in 2000 she hopes to have more time for her art… Class president Joyce Mantylareports that she and Jack are both well, busy, and traveling for both business and pleasure…. Judy Morris Edwards works “very hard” running Oakland School, a year-round boarding and day school for kids with learning disabilities and attention deficits. She enjoys neighbors Sheri and Tom Bowditch, and often sees Karin Mueller McElvein and Joyce Mantyla…. And Karen Mueller McElvein, in business with husband Dave, has traveled to Las Vegas, the Bahamas and St. Thomas. She also toured Israel with her sister, where they were “treated royally.”… Linda Pike Hillierhas returned to her third-grade classroom after a year off. Jeff ’64 is acting principal of a new cooperative school…. The Frank Sroka‘s celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. Son David ’94 is tactical marketing manager at IDEXX labs in Westbrook, daughter Carolyn teaches high school in Worcester, Mass., and younger daughter Laura is a junior in high school…At a Bates Club lobster feast last summer, Carol Stone Beyna and husband chatted with Ray ’64 and Linda Leard Parkin. Carol has learned to quilt, donating two small ones to AIDS babies and several wall hangings to the church fair. She also takes water color lessons, has a great garden, and has been researching ancestors…. It was great to hear from Robert Vaillancourt, who lives in Auburn and has worked for the Maine State Employment Commission…. This summerRussell Wagenfeld and his family plan to move back to the States from Germany…. Charlene Wakefield reports that younger daughter Asia graduated from UC-Sacramento last May…. In the November 1998 issue of Esquire, Merry Webber Stockwell gives an account of the two events in which Dan ’64 distinguished himself and earned an unprecedented two Carnegie Medals for heroism…. After 10 years as manager of the wood department at the Crown Vantage pulp mill in Berlin, N.H., Brad Wyman decided it was time to retire when the company’s “headcount reduction campaign” got underway. Although Susan (Huiskamp) still teaches high school math, the Wymans have had time to “play,” hiking the Chilkoot Pass from Skagway to the head of the Yukon, planning a cross-country bike and camping trip for this summer, for which Brad got in shape with a nine-day, August bike trip in the Badlands and Black Hills of South Dakota.
66 Class Secretary: Carol Stone Haberland, 80 Howard St., Northborough, MA 01532-1445

Class President: Joseph H. Matzkin, 27 Laudholm Rd., Newton, MA 02158-1931

Next Reunion in 2001. Got news? Tap out a note!
67 Class Secretary: Judith Lanouette Nicholson, 100 Peele Rd., Nashua, NH 03062-2522

Class President: Jon G. Wilska, 20 Luce Ave., Niantic, CT 06357

Next Reunion in 2001. Got news? Tap out a note! In Honolulu, Mollie Anderson Sperryis dean of faculty and students at LeJardin Academy and secretary-general for the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the Islands. She also is a proud grandmother…. Also grandparents are Janet and John Baldwin. Their daughter is a teacher, and a son attends music school. John is managing partner of the law firm with which he has been affiliated for 25 years…. Bill Bensch soon reaches 25 years in the aerospace business as a systems engineer at Lockheed Martin Corp. Son Michael is a junior in high school and college trips have begun…. Chris and Marty Braman Duckenfield are blessed with grandson Jack Andrew, born to son Paul. Other son Mark works on a doctorate at Harvard, and daughter Leslie has begun a career in graphic design. Marty and Chris still work at Clemson. At a family reunion on Cape Cod there was an amazing number of Bates relatives…. Still in northern Virginia and “loving life” is Ken Burgess. Son Kenny is a platoon commander in Kuwait, but closer to home are son Andrew, who attends James Madison Univ., and daughter Lindsay. Ev and Ken have met with Barb Hoadley Leadbetter and Peter Beekman and laughed the whole time…. In Pennsylvania, Glenn and Kathy Butler Carlsonhave a new granddaughter. Kathy practices family law and Glenn heads an exploratory research network in the agricultural chemicals department at Rohm and Haas Co. His group won the 1998 Green Chemistry Award from the EPA, the first time the award has been given for pesticide research…. Having taught Spanish for 30 years at Bristol Comuunity College in Fall River, Mass., Nancy Carvalho Fraze is experiencing the fruits of her labors. Several of her colleagues were once students in her first classes. Recently she got together with Susan Dallaire Lagueux and Cynthia Goodwin Riley to relive the Page Hall squirt gun wars…. After years in the Midwest, Gary Chamberlain returned to Maine and switched careers from academics to financial services. He is the sole member of the family still in Maine since his parents retired to Arizona, his son is in Colorado, and daughter is a USAF officer…. The Sept. 22 Wall Street Journal reported that Bob Colman has a mandate to “shore up employee morale and customer service” as executive president, human resources, at Delta Air Lines…. Greg Egneris a pilot for American Airlines. He and his family live in Texas, where wife Sue works with horses and daughter Sara attends the Univ. of Texas. Thanks to Greg for the Wall Street Journal clipping and news that Chris Mossberg is in international law and his wife,Barbara, is the new president of Goddard College in Vermont…. Believe it or not, Tim Hallhas left banking after 30 years to become president and CEO of The Chelsea School, a private school specializing in students with dyslexia. A founding director 22 years ago, he has converted his passion into a new career. Son Seth is with Andersen consulting and daughter Alyssa attends Georgetown law. Continuing as our class agent, Tim remains involved with numerous community activities…. Cindy Hughes Stecher co-chairs the question- writing committee for the Illinois State Math Contest and for the contest committee of the Alpha Theta Convention of national math clubs in Chicago. Son Jeff just entered high school…. Pam Johnson Reynolds enjoys her work in training teachers to work with dyslexic students. She was elected fellow of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators, a national organization that recognizes achievement in the field. Dick is riding the real-estate roller coaster as a partner at Spaulding and Slye in Boston. Pam and son Ben, a senior at Concord Academy, took a nostalgic trip to Bates as part of his college tour. Seth is back in Boston as a student at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government…. From across the Atlantic, Suzanne Johnson Nixon writes that both children are now in secondary school. She and husband Bruce run their businesses from home. He is a management consultant with a new book, Making a Difference: Strategies and Real Time Models to Transform Your Organization. Suzanne was an alumni rep for Bates at last autumn’s London college fair. She is a consultant in qualitative market research…. Retired from AetnaLynn Johnston Runyon is director of customer service strategies for United Healthcare. Son Bryan, a 1996 Marist graduate, works for the American Red Cross. Lynn plays golf, swims, skis, and sings with the Farmington Valley Chorale…. “Batesy pilots are welcome,” say Pat Korol Wilson and her husband. They began with flying lessons, then bought their own plane, and now own an aircraft rental, maintenance, and pilot shop called Flight Line in Addison, Texas. With a daughter in Los Angeles, they planned to fly out for a visit and air show last fall…. Andrew Kusmin sold his dental practice in 1996. He and wife Judy transformed a 1970s school into a home and studio. President of the New England Watercolor Society, he competes nationally and has solo shows every two years…. Training for eight marathons in five years is finally enough forJudy Lanouette Nicholson. Her most exciting memory is finishing the 102nd Boston Marathon in April 1998. With son Matt busy with junior high, Judy combines recent education and love of exercise in her new career as a patient lifestyle counselor for a local physician…. Thirty years and two wars later, Kevin Murphy has retired from the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. Still in the insurance business, he has taken up golf because he’s “too old to do much else.” Right! Son Michael coaches lacrosse at Wingate (N.C.) College. And while playing golf with Alan Ansello, he ran into John Hanischand also has seen Bill Brunot, who hasn’t changed except for the white hair…. Sally Myers McGinty signed a contract with Warner Books for a book on the politics of language She still works at Harvard Graduate School of Education as a university supervisor. Daughter Sarah is at Harvard, too. Eldest, JW, is at Salve Regina Univ. in Rhode Island…. At the 128th meeting of the American Fisheries Society hosted byChuck Phillips, more than 1,300 people attended. He works on public outreach, training, and facilitation projects for the Connecticut DEP Fisheries Division. Son David is in restaurant management, son Eric is in retail clothing management, Matt is trying to form a rock band, and daughter Katie plays high school soccer…. Rick Powers spends a lot of time at Bates, where son Greg is a senior, back from JYA at Bristol Univ. in England, and son Ted is a sophomore. When he’s not on campus, Rick still works for Playtex…. Jeanette Smith Cureton‘s book, When Hope and Fear Collide: A Portrait of Today’s College Student co-authored with Arthur Levine, was reviewed in the fall 1998 issue of Bates Magazine. The book has led to a series of presentations and various workshops at national conferences and on college campuses including Elmhurst College, where husband Bryant is president…. Last June, Rita Sorensen Leonard had a wonderful trip to Hawaii with her teenage daughters. In the fall she returned to her work as a special ed assistant for an autistic elementary student. A member of a writers group for many years, Rita writes articles for a small community newspaper. She keeps in touch with Bates friends through e-mail and says those friendships sustain her…. After his last assignment in Heidelberg, Germany, Charles “Ro
cky” Stone
retired from the U.S. Army. He now teaches science and coaches in Athol, Mass. He and wife Leanne are renovating a 1758 colonial home. Rocky ran into Jon Wilska at a summer science workshop and they had a great time…. Fran Strychazsends greetings from Mill Valley, Calif., where she is renovating her home. Her daughter is a sophomore in high school. Fran recently visited with Janet Grossman Rozman,whose daughter has moved to San Francisco.
68 Class Secretary: Gretchen Hess Gage, 119 Cedar St., Belfast, ME 04915- 1441

Class President: Karen Konecki Goober, 80 Upland Rd., Sharon, MA 02067- 1748

Next Reunion in 1999. Got news? Tap out a note!“Take a walk down memory lane” at our 30th Reunion, celebrated with ’69 and ’70. The Cage (no longer a dusty building since its 1992 renovation) will be transformed into a number of our old haunts: Lou’s, Luiggi’s, and the Den, to name a few. The Hanseatic League will entertain while we feast on selections from seafood to Italian, and Livingston Taylor will perform on the lawn Saturday afternoon, compliments of the College. It should be a great weekend. Why not plan to be there?! Andrew Becker has closed his law office and is now administrative vice president, general counsel, for Rossi Corp. of Cromwell, Conn., a hardwood lumber business…. Norrine Abbott Williams is still executive director of Ammonoosuc Community Health Services Inc., a network of federally funded community health centers in four northern New Hampshire locations. In addition, she is president of Bi-State Primary Care Assn. of New Hampshire/Vermont, president of the Northern New Hampshire Health Consortium, a director of Peoples Bank, and past president of the Rotary Club in Littleton. An adjunct psychology professor at Lyndon State College, Norrine is a member of Gov. Jean Shaheen’s Task Force for Chronic Disease…. Living on the ocean at Diamond Head, Hawaii, the former at Hardy Michiels has changed her name to Alanna Farrell, marking a new start after surviving the loss of her son, breast cancer, three burglaries, and some failed business ventures. She is manager of the Oahu office for Interisland Vacation Concepts, overseeing a team marketing five Hawaii timeshare resorts. After 10 years she also still has a large Nuskin business…. Richard Gelles now holds the Joanne and Raymond Welsh Chair of Child Welfare and Family Violence at the Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Social Work. Dick had been at Rhode Island for 25 years. Following graduation from Harvard, son Jason is the script coordinator for Everybody Loves Raymond on CBS. Serving as David Letterman’s personal intern for three months, son David is a senior at Tufts. Judy Gelles has shown her photographs in New York and Washington, D.C…. After 10 years as a middle school librarian, Nancy Harris Riley has “graduated” to being librarian at Cranston (R.I.) High School East…. A teacher of gifted and talented K-12 students in Maine School Administrative District 17 (Oxford Hills), Nancy Hohmannreceived the Distinguished Teacher Award in 1994 from the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars…. Judy Leard Nicholas, a fourth-grade teacher in Old Saybrook, Conn., was named Teacher of the Year. Last May she completed a fellowship program in conjunction with the Wesleyan Univ. Project to Increase Mastery in Math and Science…. Working out of his home office, Paul Moshercontinues his consulting work in human resources. He and his partner, Ralph Hakim, sold their two Mail Boxes Etc. franchises last year and bought out the co-op ownership share of his two-family house in Brighton. Ralph graduated from UMass-Boston last May and is business developer for Impact Employment, a non-profit agency…. When Beth Robinsonisn’t working as the director of the PSAT/NMSQU program, she and husband Marty Sauer ’67 fix their Cherokee 180, Juliet. Marty navigates and Beth pilots as they strive to achieve their goal of landing in all 49 contiguous states while visiting their sons and friends…. Aija Ronis enjoys canoeing the Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoe area between Minnesota and Canada. In addition to expanding her company, Health Systems Innovations, she works in the eldercare area helping people find resources to care for elderly relatives…. Susan Spalding Tolman is still a self-employed cartographer, mapping zoning for northern Maine. She works part time at their local high school library. Susan and Andy ’70 celebrated their 30th anniversary as their youngest child left for college.
69 Class Secretary: Bonita E. Groves, 41 Eastview Dr., Unit 7, Wilton, NH 03086-5960

Class President
: Jeffrey D. Sturgis, 84 Old Woodman Hill Rd, Minot, ME 04258Next Reunion in 1999. Got news? Tap out a note!