Go Figures

What sets Bates students apart from the rest? The following table may provide a few clues. In a national survey of incoming firstyears, members of the Class of 2008 at Bates (garnet figure) and at 38 other very selective institutions (black figure) revealed their typical activities during the last year of high school.

Activity Bates/Other Colleges
Came late to class 62.5/65.9
Was bored in class 31.3/40.2
Tutored another student 62.0/66.7
Studied with other students 95.4/90.8
Asked a teacher for advice after class 40.3/34.0
Was a guest in a teacher’s home 44.4/33.5
Performed community service as part of a class 56.9/51.3
Voted in a student election 31.7/28.4
Worked on a local/state/national political campaign 17.7/13.4
Drank beer 68.6/54.2
Drank wine or liquor 66.4/62.2
Maintained a healthy diet 56.1/51.1
Stayed up all night 63.0/69.8