Go Figures

As a participant in the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment, Bates’ first step toward achieving climate (or carbon) neutrality is to account for current emissions. These 2006 figures show Bates emissions in metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (MTCDE), the accepted method of measuring the global warming potential of various human activities. The low figure for electricity (it was once around 5,000 MTCDE annually) reflects the College’s 2005 switch to green electricity.

Category MTCDE
Student commuting
(plane 6,620; car, bus, train:1,742)
Heating 6,972
Study-away travel 2,466
Faculty-staff commuting 1,154
Solid waste 608
Purchased gasoline 155
Electricity 5
Total 19,971

Source: Julie Rosenbach, environmental coordinator