Contacting Bates Magazine

Want to contact Bates Magazine?

Bates Magazine is published by the staff of the Bates Communications Office of Bates College.

Direct your correspondence, story ideas, gripes, class notes, birth and wedding announcements, letters to the editor, haiku, olutions to problems, and/or wedding photographs to:

Bates Magazine
Bates Communications Office
141 Nichols St., Lewiston ME 04240

Bates Magazine staff

H. Jay Burns

Mervil Paylor Design

Director of Photography
Phyllis Graber Jensen

Mike Bradley

Class Notes Editor
Jon Halvorsen

Contributing Editors
Roland Adams
Marc Glass ’88
Doug Hubley
Andy Walter

Mervil Paylor
David Wilgus

Associate Vice President for Communications
Meg Kimmel

Bates Magazine Advisory Board
Marjorie Patterson Cochran ’90
Geraldine FitzGerald ’75
David Foster ’77
Joe Gromelski ’74
Judson Hale Jr. ’82
Jonathan Hall ’83
Christine Johnson ’90
Jon Marcus ’82
Peter Moore ’78


Email letters to Bates Magazine or postal mail to Bates Magazine, Bates Communications Office, 141 Nichols St., Lewiston ME 04240.

Bates Magazine welcomes letter of 300 words or fewer. Letters will be edited and published based on style, grammar, length, clarity, and relevance to college issues and issues discussed in Bates Magazine

Wedding photographs

If you would like your Bates group wedding photo published in Bates Magazine, please e-mail high-resolution JPEG images to Bates Magazine. Please identify all people and their classes, and include the wedding date, location and any other news.

Wedding and birth/adoption announcements

Send an e-mail to Bates Magazine or to the Office of Alumni Engagement with all details, including full names and dates.