Counselor Information

Counselors, please read carefully for important reminders and Maine Day event information

Student Nominations & Maine Day Invitations:

Please help us identify the academic leaders in your junior class. We request that you nominate students who are in the top 10% of their class and those taking the most rigorous curriculum at your school. Very simply, we ask, “Which of your juniors will be competitive applicants to highly selective colleges and universities?” 

Please click here to submit nominations for Maine Day.  Nominations are due by Friday, March 27

All students nominated will receive an invitation to attend Maine Day. Students will then need to register either online or by calling the Office of Admission at 855-BATES55 (855-228-3755). The registration deadline is Wednesday, May 6.

Reminder: Counselor Luncheon

We hope you attend the counselor luncheon from 11:00am-12:00pm. While your students are enjoying lunch in our Dining Commons, you will enjoy a catered meal with Bates admission deans and counselors as well as high school colleagues from all over Maine. We hope you will enjoy this hour to network and share ideas.

Planning On Attending Maine Day 2015?

If you plan on attending Maine Day with your students please register by clicking here. The registration deadline is Wednesday, May 6.