Theses Mentored



  • Modulation of the First Phase of Feeding Behavior of Helisoma trivolvis by Neuropeptide Phenylalanine (NPF) stimulation of Buccal A Cluster (BAC) Neurons  Quan Ho (Neuroscience)
  • GluR-5/6/7 and NPF like Immunoreactive (IR) Buccal A Cluster (BAC) Cells in the CNS of Pond Snail Helisoma trivolvis  Nawshaba Nawreen (Biochemistry)
  • Signal Transduction Mechanisms of Glutamate Mediated Inhibition of Phase 3Motor Neurons in the Pond Snail, Helisoma trivolvis  Dorian Tolis (Neuroscience)


  • Locating and profiling cells within the CNS of H. trivolvis that send processes through the esophageal trunks Jay Bladon (Neuroscience)
  • Electrical and dye coupling in dorso-medial buccal A cluster neurons of the pond snail Helisoma trivolvis Mayur M. Contractor (Neuroscience-Honors)
  • Confirmation and Distribution of Cotransmitter Buccalin in the Central Nervous System of Two Closely Related Pond Snails, B. glabrata and H. trivolvis  Harita Dharaneeswaran (Neuroscience)
  • Differential Expression of Glutamate Receptor Subtypes in Helisoma trivolvis Central Nervous System Jing Qin (Neuroscience, Economics, Biochemistry- Honors)
  • Further characterization of the buccal A cluster network and its connectivity to the feeding central pattern generator in the buccal ganglia of the pond snail, Helisoma trivolvis  Alexia Y. Zhang (Neuroscience)


  • Characterization of a novel α-GluR5/6/7-immunoreactive cell group in the buccal ganglia of the pond snail, Helisoma trivolvis  Mimi Gallo (Neuroscience-Honors)
  • Investigating the Distribution of Neuropeptide Phenylalanine (NPF) within the Alimentary System and CNS of the Pond Snail Helisoma trivolvis and Determining its Impact on the Buccal Feeding Circuitry  Greg Sousa (Biology)