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June 28, 2007
11:58 am

Clean Sweep cleans up: Sale proceeds are nearly double last year's

The seventh annual Clean Sweep, the Bates College “garage sale” of appliances, furnishings, electronics and other goods donated by departing students, raised some $17,648 in proceeds that were divided among 18 local school and nonprofit organizations.


June 21, 2007
11:09 am

Dick Williamson, Dana Professor Emeritus of French, dies at 62

Richard C. Williamson, Charles A. Dana Professor Emeritus of French and a charismatic catalyst of Bates community, died while en route to Louisville, Ky., with his wife, Deborah, to compete in bicycling events at the National Senior Games.


June 15, 2007
11:25 am

Proceedings of college's diversity and demographics symposium available online

About 150 Bates faculty, staff, students, college Trustees and members of the local community attended and engaged in the presidential symposium A College for ‘Coming Time’: Diversity and Changing Demographics in Higher Education, convened by President Elaine Tuttle Hansen.


June 7, 2007
12:00 am

Campus construction update: Week of June 4

After nearly two months looking like a battlefield with its mud, dust, broken roots and debris, the 2.5 acre Alumni Walk site will soon sprout a bit of soothing green. According to project manager Paul Farnsworth, a handful of paper birch trees will be planted along the south edge of the site next week. These are a sort of advance guard for the 178 birches that will ultimately grace the Walk.


June 4, 2007
4:27 pm

2007 Summer Reading List

Each spring, the College Store publishes a list of good summer reads suggested by members of the Bates community.

In a new twist this year, submitters were also asked to suggest that one book they’d like to have with them if they were shipwrecked on a deserted, tropical island for several months. So, look for a few titles for desert-island reading in this, the 11th annual “Non-required Reading List, or Good Reads for Leisure Moments.”