Up in the bid leagues

Las Vegas Business Press profiles Elliot Moskow ’10, chairman, CEO and founder of the auction site Pricefalls.com. He tells reporter Valerie Miller why he chose to site the firm, founded in 2008 at Bates, in Las Vegas: partly for family reasons (his father, a physician, lives and works there) and partly for business reasons. “Las Vegas would be at the top of our list for a location,” he says, “because it is business-friendly and low-tax.” Pricefalls.com conducts Dutch auctions, in which a product’s price starts high and drops until buyers jump in. The time is right for Pricefalls, he says. “Consumers want to see prices fall and companies want to liquidate inventory. The startup’s Bates flavor also includes Chad Casey ’09, creative and marketing director; and Peter Schaefer ’10, CIO and executive vice president. (View Text)

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