Press Herald interviews Snoop Dogg before Bates concert

The Portland Press Herald’s Ray Routhier interviews rap artist Snoop Dogg via e-mail before his Feb. 27 Bates concert, sponsored by the Chase Hall Committee. Routhier admits to wondering about the authenticity of Snoop’s replies, given in full rap vernacular. Did Calvin Broadus (Snoop’s real name) type the unique answers himself, or did a PR expert take on the task? When asked by Routhier if he has Maine ties, Snoop replies, “I always have a blast on tha east coast with college town shows. They are tha best kinda crowds and show alotta luv so it only made sense.” Whatever the truth, the interviewee makes clear that “everyone loves Snoop Dogg, ya dig?!?” View story from the Press Herald, Feb. 25, 2010.

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