Associated Press quotes McClelland '11 about bus bomb scare

The Associated Press interviews Megan McClelland ’11 for a story about the atmosphere on a passenger bus during a bomb scare  in New Hampshire on May 6. After police, a bomb squad and sharpshooters surrounded the bus, passengers were told to leave but “we had to keep our hands over our heads and lift up our shirts, turn around and then we had to get patted down and get handcuffed,” McClelland said. A passenger who identified himself as a former New York City police officer kept  everyone calm, she says, telling the group that police were following protocol. But McClelland wasn’t frightened: “I was just happy to get off the bus. I didn’t care that I was being handcuffed.” In the end, there was no bomb; the scare was caused when a passenger overheard a cell-phone conversation in which he thought the word “bomb” was used. View story from The Associated Press, May 9, 2010.

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