Maine Things Considered interviews Spelt Right entrepreneur Beth George '85

Beth George '85 and Tim Kane '85 outside and inside of their family-owned company, Spelt Right, Inc., located in Yarmouth's Sparhawk Mill at 81Bridge Street, overlooking the Royal River. The river powers the mill.

Spelt Right® is a small family owned Maine company that specializes in baked goods made with organic spelt flour and other organic and all natural ingredients.  We started Spelt Right in 2007 as a result of our discovery that our young son was sensitive to common wheat (triticum aestivum).  In our search for alternative great tasting, healthy grains that he could enjoy, we found spelt (triticum spelta), an ancient cousin of common wheat.  Unable to find “kid friendly” spelt products in the market place, we decided to make them ourselves.

In June 2008, we moved our facility to the historic and green Sparhawk Mill (the bakery is powered by water from the Royal River) in beautiful Yarmouth, Maine expanding our capacity to meet our growing sales to health and specialty food stores, supermarkets, local restaurants, educational institutions, and to people like you!    If you are in the area and would like to visit the facility, please call us for a scheduled tour.

Maine Public Broadcasting reporter Keith Shortall interviews Beth George ’85, who with husband Tim Kane ’82 founded Spelt Right bakery on the Royal River in Yarmouth, Maine. There, says Shortall, she’s “turned a family dietary challenge into a passion: to educate consumers about a little known sub-species of wheat with a funny name.” That would be spelt, a former relict crop that’s found new life as a health food. Listen to the story from Maine Things Considered, Jan. 4, 2011.

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