Bates in Brief Sightings: Puddle Jump 2012

In 2012, if only briefly during what Mainers call an “open winter,” the campus had the look of winter (otherwise, what’s the point of the Puddle Jump?).

So it was in mid-January that students shed clothes and inhibitions and got shivery with it, taking their annual dip into Lake Andrews, after which photographer Phyllis Graber Jensen captured these post-dip moments frozen, almost, in time.

C7 - 120120_Puddle 6391 C7 - 120120_Puddle 6378 Adj C7 - 120120_Puddle 6354 C7 - 120120_Puddle 6282 C7 - 120120_Puddle 6065 C7 - 120120_Puddle 6010 C7 - 120120_Puddle 5960 C7 - 120120_Puddle 4739 C7 - 120120_Puddle 4723

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