Student Forms


These forms are submitted when to applying for the course.

  • Student Application  Applications for the courses are available from the faculty teaching the course.
  • Financial Aid Application  Financial Aid is available for all students who meet the financial need requirements. Students return this form to the Financial Aid Office in Libbey Forum in January prior to applying for the course.

These forms are returned to the faculty member after acceptance to a course.

  • Understanding of Risks Form   A liability waiver form required of all participants.
  • Student and Health Information Form   This form records personal and health information which is essential for the faculty directors and the College to have. This form requires passport and insurance information as well as parent notification.
  • Parental Notification Form  Students participating on courses that travel off-campus must provide a written statement by their parents or guardians to confirm that these individuals are aware of the student’s plans.
  • Pre-Course Travel Form   Students may be able to travel on their own to some courses in the United States.  If faculty allow this, students need to complete the pre-course travel form.
  • Post-Course Travel Form   Students may want to travel on their own if the course concludes off-campus.  If faculty allow this, students need to complete the post-course travel form.  Faculty may require that students return to the United States at the end of the course.

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