Getting Started

Attend the Information Session for Sophomores: Wednesday, September 24, 7pm OR 9pm, Olin Concert Hall, then…

Make an Appointment

Drop by the Off-Campus Study Office in 124 Roger Williams Hall  or call Mrs. Vincent (786-6223) to make an appointment to meet with Dean Sawyer or Mr. Das. This meeting is mandatory for anyone considering off-campus study.

At your first meeting you can expect to discuss

  • your academic plans and ideas
  • our guidelines and requirements
  • Bates’ semester balance enrollment policy
  • the range of off-campus study possibilities
  • the application process
  • and all of your questions and concerns

To best prepare for your first meeting

  • Consult with a faculty member about how off-campus study fits into your four-year plan of study at Bates.
  • Familiarize yourself with the information outlined in the Issues to Consider and the FAQ & Key Policies pages.
  • Look over the off-campus study opportunities; explore the links to the program web sites or look through the program files in the Off-Campus Study library (122 Roger Williams Hall).
  • Read the student evaluations of programs on the program pages and in the Off-Campus Study library.
  • MOST IMPORTANT – RELAX. You are not expected to have a complete plan at your meeting.
  • You may decide to remain at Bates — that is fine, too.

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