It’s for Everyone

One of the features of study abroad at Bates is that everyone does it.

We don’t mean “everyone” literally; we mean the full range of students, majors, interests, and backgrounds at Bates – physics majors and French majors, varsity team members and non-members, students involved in extra-curricular activities and students uninvolved in them, students with lots of travel experience and family resources, and students with minimal family resources and no prior international experience.


  • Students with disabilities:  Mobility International USA provides information and resources for people with disabilities who are considering study abroad.  Stanford University’s Office of Accessible Education highlights the study abroad experiences of three students with disabilities.

Study Abroad is For Everyone (the SAFE program)

The SAFE Program encourages study abroad by students with very limited family resources and no prior international travel experience.  Study abroad participation levels among such students, often students of color or the first generation at college, tend to be lower nationally and at Bates.  The SAFE program addresses this pattern with three efforts.

  • Extra encouragement – Additional outreach efforts to ensure these students recognize that this part of the Bates curriculum is fully available to them.
  • Program and grant identification – Special efforts to work with these students to identify lower cost study abroad programs and Federal and program grants that are targeted to low income students, students of color, and/or the first generation at college.
  • Financial support – The Barlow Endowment for Study Abroad supplements the College’s already generous financial aid with a grant that pays the expected work-study contribution for one semester for students who have no prior international experience, are eligible for a Federal Pell Grant, and apply for outside grants appropriate to their situation.  Advisors in the Off-Campus Study Office select up to 10 students each year.