Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours?
Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

POST Tel 207-786-6098

How to send a package or mail to a student?

STUDENT NOTE: Please login to the Garnet Gateway to get your box number assignment and mailbox combination at


Student Name
[Box Number] Bates College
56 Campus Avenue
Lewiston, ME 04240-6094

Can I arrange for my mail to be forwarded if I am away from campus for a certain period of time?

Post & Print does have a forwarding system in place. To ensure that mail is forwarded to you while you are away from campus be sure to provide a valid forwarding address by emailing the

Can mail be forwarded to an international address?

No. Mail can only be forwarded to addresses within the US. If you are an international student and are away from campus for a certain length of time, please email the to make other arrangements.

What kind of mail can be forwarded?

First class USPS mail, presorted first class mail, periodicals and endorsed special service mail can be forwarded to a provided address. Junk and standard mail as well as FedEx, UPS and DHL packages can not be forwarded.  All packages from non-USPS carriers are refused if a student is not on campus..

Can I receive a package on a Saturday?

Post & Print is closed on Saturdays. Packages sent for Saturday delivery will not be received until Monday or Tuesday (in the case of FedEx Ground).

How long does it take for packages to get processed?

Packages that arrive in the morning are usually all processed the same day by the afternoon. During our peak times, please allow 24 hours from the time we receive your package for the package slip to show up in your mailbox.

Can I mail a package/letter out from Post & Print?

Letters and packages, envelopes and stamps can be purchased and mailed at Post & Print. If your package has a prepaid label and is all set to be mailed out you can bring it to Post & Print to be mailed/shipped.

How much does it cost to send a package?

The cost of sending a package depends on a number of factors, principally the carrier used, the weight of the package, the expedite required and it’s destination. The cost of sending something by UPS or FedEx very specifically depends on the package itself and can be calculated at Office Services.

Does Post & Print Services sell boxes?

Yes, we sell boxes and has packaging material such as flat rate priority and express mail boxes, Fedex envelopes (padded and regular), and a variety of padded envelopes. The staff at the front counter are more than willing to assist you with your packaging needs.