All-Gender Restrooms


All-gender restroom, or gender neutral restroom, is a restroom that anyone of any gender or non-gender can use. These restrooms can benefit many different people including families, differently abled persons, and transgender people. Historically, restrooms have been a place for harassment, discrimination, and threats of injury and arrest towards transgender people. All-gender restrooms provide an opportunity for our community members to enter a room without being questioned or interrogated. Remember to announce where all-gender restrooms are during events.

Buildings with All Gender Restrooms

Currently, all of Bates all-gender restrooms are single stall, locking restrooms. Signage for these restrooms do not always indicate that they are single stall, or all-gender restrooms. In addition, not all all-gender restrooms are accessible.

  • 280 College Street, 1st Floor
  • All Residential Houses, NOT all residential halls
  • Admission
  • Bates Center for Career Development
  • Carnegie Hall, 1st floor
  • Chapel
  • Chase Hall, down the stairs from the OIE
  • Commons, 2nd floor
  • Coram Hall, 1st floor
  • Frye Street Union, multiple
  • Hathrone Hall, 1st floor
  • Health Services
  • Hedge Hall, 1st floor  
  • Howard Center
  • Lane Hall, all floors
  • Library, ground & 1st floor
  • Pettengill, single stall within separated gender restrooms
  • Pegrew Hall, multiple
  • Merrill Gym,  2nd floor
  • Multifaith Chaplaincy
  • Rodger Williams 
  • The Village
  • The Ronj 

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