Room Reservations

OIE Room Request Process

General Guidelines:

  1. Rooms must be reserved 48hrs in advanced.
  2. Any official club meeting, event, or program must be reserved through the online tool ( or Lexie Mucci or 207-786-8303.
  3. Events in OIE must be hosted by a MOSIAC group, co-sponsored by a MOSIAC group, or fulfill the goals of the OIE.
  4. If furniture is moved it must be put back into the original format before leaving.
  5. If your event requires additional needs (e.g. extra chairs, catering, etc.) please contact the appropriate offices. If you need help, please contact Lexie Mucci.

Meeting Room Reservations:

  1. The Meeting Room (147) & Learning Room (153) can be reserved through
    1. Log In
    2. Fill in appropriate information
    3. OIE Rooms are listed under Chase Hall as “OIE-Meeting Room” & “OIE-Learning Room”.
    4. Click the + to reserve the room & press next.
    5. Fill in appropriate information as need NOTE: If you would like your event on the OIE calendar or to be sent out via you need to contact Lexie Mucci.
    6. Once request is complete, you will receive an email either confirming or denying your request. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS EMAIL.
    7. If you need to make any changes to your request, please contact Lexie Mucci.

“Comfy” Spaces & Kitchen

  1. The “comfy” spaces and the kitchen can be reserved for events and meetings through Lexie Mucci.
  2. Please check the OIE Calendar ( before contacting Lexie to see space availability.
  3. Email Lexie with:
  4. Person Responsible for Reservation
  5. Organization Responsible for Event
  6. Event Name
  7. Event Description
  8. Which Space (e.g. blue couches in back of OIE, kitchen & dining area)
  9. Whether you would like your event/meeting on the OIE Calendar or listserv blast
  10. If you need any other accommodations for the event.